Starting to feel good again

This is truly a journey. I made a leap. I deleted Facebook from my phone. It is utterly a waste of time. Yes, it’s nice to connect with friends and see how people are doing, but I started to realize that it was honestly keeping me from things. I would sit for a couple minutes, and the next thing I know, 25 smart ass comments later, and I have wasted (yes, truly wasted) an hour of my life.

I have not “quit” Facebook. It is on my iPad, which is not essential to my life and stays home while I work and go places. I’ve just decided that I am going to allow myself to use it on my computer only. I don’t want to waste a summer sitting on my couch reading other people’s status’. 

I wake up in the morning and check Facebook. Not even because I want to know what’s going on, but I like to ease myself out of bed. 40 minutes later, I’m running late for work. I want to work out. I want to become a stronger skater, I want to bike as many miles as possible this summer. I can’t do it with Facebook. 

I would like to sit on my deck swing and read (an actual book) while my daughter plays in the back yard. But somehow Facebook always wins. I never thought of myself as having an addictive personality, but it sure feels like it.  

I’m not saying this change is permanent, but like quitting vegetarianism, it is abrupt and it kind of feels good. 

Now, I have spent quality Facebook time writing a blog post for my poor, neglected blog. Here’s what I’ve done today since I deleted Facebook from my phone:

Dishes, yoga, baked protein muffins, took my kid for a bike ride to not one, but two parks, walked the dogs, and now I’m gonna go make some hamburger patties


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