What do you want.

What do you want more?

This is a question one of my former Weight Watchers leaders, Mari, would occasionally ask us. This is the question that hit home the hardest, so much so that I can see her standing at the front of the meeting room, her glasses dangling from a cute chain around her neck, her outfit could easily convert from a business meeting to a power walk with the change of an accessory or the switch of her shoes. Mari got it – she talked the talk, she walked the walk. I have no doubt in my mind that she weighed her hummus if she was packing her lunch – but if she was at a special birthday celebration, she enjoyed it – she made it work for her. Her question…one of my many answers.

What at do you want? A brownie.

What do you want more? To not have to buy a larger winter coat.

I’m putting all of this together in an effort to move my journey into high gear, to re-gain the ability to talk and walk, to have a thoughtful pause and ask myself this very important question. I want to stop approaching food as the Cookie Monster once did – but to be more like Bert – let out a “Heh” and stop and think before I do things. I know I’m not the only person that struggles – I’m not the only person that succeeds either – but if I can implement a regular amount of positive reinforcement into another person’s life while I try to reintroduce it into my own, than I can begin to make a difference and continue to motivate myself along the way.

Let’s see what we all want more…


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